Accountancy jobs for people with passion

It’s the people that count

Both our clients and our colleagues mean a lot to us. That’s why we provide excellent working conditions, a steady income, opportunities for continuing professional development and a fantastic atmosphere.


Do you want to be successful? All you need is determination, consistency and perseverance. We’ll teach you everything else.

Zuzanna Ritter

Founder and owner of Smart Choice Group 

Smart Choice Accountancy

Accountancy jobs for people with passion

  • Quality is what makes us different, not only in our customer service but also in rapport with our accountants. We know that Smart Choice Accountancy is a success thanks to them.
  • Because of that, we give them a lot of autonomy, e.g. you decide on your working hours. We supply the knowledge, space to work and resources you need to run your business
  • Working under the banner of Smart Choice Accountancy, you gain marketing support which includes development of means in which we reach new clients as well as a strong image and position on the market.
  • We provide challenges and new experiences - we partner up with small, medium and large businesses, both in the UK and internationally.
  • We ensure all of our accountants in the UK have access to the first-rate training. In addition, we have developed our own CPD (Continuing Professional Development) program.
  • We carry out many interesting projects to which we invite our employees. Smart Choice is one big family and we know that together, we can achieve more.

If you have accountancy experience and want to be in control of your work, then join Smart Choice Accountancy, make the most of our perks and help us raise accountancy in the UK to a higher level.

The perfect accountant in the UK

what we value at Smart Choice Accountancy

Our values are essential to us as they guide us on a daily basis. They set the standards for our work as well as create our unique atmosphere and consistently raise the quality here at Smart Choice.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you agree with our values and:

  • Have previous experience in accountancy
  • Know how to use accounting software (or are a quick learner)
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Are able to listen to and analyse the clients’ needs
  • Are resourceful and adventurous
  • Are motivated and hard-working


What do our agents say about us?

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Here at Smart Choice we have a great team of positive people. You can always count on them. The atmosphere alone encourages you to come to work each day. On top of that, you can continue to develop professionally and practically help others in difficult times. For me, working at Smart Choice is a better way of living.
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Being an insurance agent at Smart Choice is a two-in-one deal - satisfaction and good income. If you want to enjoy your job, you must join our team!
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I’m staying here until I retire! Working at Smart Choice is an adventure; it enables me to meet some amazing people and continue my professional development, all whilst having a lot of fun. I’m proud to be a part of this particular company. Why? Smart Choice is all about quality in every possible way, whether it’s customer service, product selection, teamwork or training. I can wholeheartedly recommend each of our products because I know that we provide the highest standard in the market. It is a huge source of satisfaction and motivates us to do our work.
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My work allows me to have a flexible schedule, rewarding income and possibilities of professional development. I value working at Smart Choice because of their professionalism, high standards and personal approach. We have long-term plans here and I’m glad to play a role in them.
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I’ve decided to become an insurance agent because I enjoy interacting with clients. I also wanted to develop my sales skills and adjust my working hours to my needs. Smart Choice is a professional company where what matters the most is quality, not quantity. It’s like a family to me, a well-working team of wonderful and passionate people. Their joy and positive energy are infectious. Working here, I get the opportunities to learn a lot and enrich my life as well as develop my skills.
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Raising the quality of insurance services is important here at Smart Choice and one of the ways they do it is through investing in their team. Because of that, even though I started off as a layman, I quickly found my feet in the British market as an insurance agent. Working at Smart Choice provides a huge dose of motivation, but that’s not the only thing - it gives you financial security, ensures professional development and guarantees job satisfaction.


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and see that your job can be enjoyable and satisfying.

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