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When you run your own business, you often need support in various areas. That’s why we work together with experts in other fields who can help you. Our partners offer their services on favorable terms and at attractive prices.

Additionally to accountancy services, we can now offer international money transfers and legal advice as well as a will-writing service.



A quick and safe way to transfer money at favourable rates.

Register now as a Smart Choice client  (link below) and your first and every 10th transfer will be completely free!


Will-writing service

We also provide our clients living here in the UK with a will-writing service. This legal document is incredibly significant here as not only does it provide instructions on sorting out the estate, but it also names the legal guardian of your children.

If you want to make a will and secure the future of your loved ones, contact us.


Legal services

We partner up with many excellent law firms who provide comprehensive help to both individual clients and businesses in the UK. Our partners offer help in the areas of:  Family law, Traffic violations, Employment law, Immigration law, Criminal law, Debt collection, Civil law, Intellectual property law, Buying and selling real estate, Landlord and tenant disputes, Defense in The Crown Court and the peace courts.

If you need legal assistance, call or email us – we will put you in touch with our experienced partners.



We help our clients with Polish to English and English to Polish translations. We understand that professional and well-done translations of your products, websites and documents have a huge impact on your brand image and customer acquisition.

We work with Deb Phillips from Debbee Language Services who provides the highest standards of translation, transcription and proofreading. We gladly recommend her services.

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