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Accountancy is our speciality

We provide small and medium-sized companies with comprehensive and professional services. You can register different types of business organisations with our accountancy office in the UK. We also offer exhaustive accountancy services to the self-employed, Ltd companies and partnerships.

Register your business in the UK

Choosing the type of business organisation you run is a significant step; it’s worthwhile knowing as much as possible before you make your decision. Call or email us – we’ll go through all the pros and cons of each business type and we’ll help you choose the right solution for your company.

What else can we do for you? We will:

  • help you get a National Insurance Number (NIN), which is also a personal tax number
  • fill all the HMRC and Companies House forms for you
  • register your company’s status as Self-Employed or Partnership
  • open a Ltd company for you
  • set up your payroll
  • register your company for VAT
  • support you in running your business

Accountancy for the Self-employed and Partnerships

As far as tax is concerned, self-employment is the simplest form of business organisation in the UK. That’s why it’s the first choice for many people starting up a new company.

Contact us if:

  • You need a National Insurance Number (NIN), which is also a personal tax number
  • You have decided to start this type of business organisation (self-employed or partnership) but you don’t have the time or don’t know how to handle the formalities
  • You’re planning to fill in your annual tax return (Self Assessment)
  • You have to (or want to) register for VAT
  • You’d like us to represent you in HMRC
  • You need some advice on accountancy

Accountancy in the UK for limited companies

Ltd company is the most common type of business organisation. If you’re planning on starting, or have already started a Ltd company, our accountancy office in the UK can help you:
  • Register a Ltd company
  • Work out and pay Corporation Tax
  • Prepare and send your annual reports to Companies House
  • Register for VAT and deal with VAT Return
  • Set up and manage PAYE
  • Complete bank transfers

We also provide accountancy advice.


If you have to (or want to) register for VAT, we will take care of all the formalities for you. Our accountancy office in the UK will handle:

  • VAT registration
  • VAT return
  • VAT de-registration

We also offer professional consultations on VAT matters.

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